What to give his wife for a wedding anniversary

Women look forward to gifts and congratulations from men for any holiday, and especially for a wedding anniversary. The choice in favor of a surprise depends on your financial ability and the nature of the spouse. The first wedding anniversary or the tenth - does not matter. The main thing is to pay attention and remind the darling of their feelings.

Choosing a gift for the hobbies of his wife

Compliments and words with a declaration of love will decorate any gift. Should take into account the age of the wife and her tastes. Some women love surprises, while others, on the contrary, prefer to choose the gift themselves. To surprise your wife, it is enough to know what she is interested in. Her work or hobby will help her choose the right greeting.

Perhaps your spouse is at the risk of trying out new and different fragrances. So, she will be pleased with a set of cosmetics, perfume or certificate of a perfume shop. For those who read a lot, a series of books, an electronic version or a subscription to the Internet library will do. A fashionable woman will love the outfit she has long dreamed of. A creative person will appreciate a gift made with his own hands. A song, poems or portrait, written specially on the occasion of the anniversary, will impress her.

Gifts by profession

If the work of the spouse allows you to pause for a while, then you should come to her and congratulate you on your anniversary right in front of your colleagues or with them.

Doctors and civil servants are presented with personalized watches, as well as pens of famous brands. A memorable engraving is made on the subject with a wish.

For those who spend the whole day on their feet or in uncomfortable shoes with heels, a professional massage session or a certificate for hardware cosmetic procedures will be suitable. They spouse relax, rest and prettier.

For active girls and women who like to keep themselves in shape, the perfect gift will be a subscription to the pool or to yoga classes. The choice depends solely on the preferences of the spouse.

Most ladies like beautifully packaged gifts. Brilliant bows, ribbons and expensive velor boxes add a sense of solemnity and celebration. It is always necessary to decorate. It should be at least gift paper, bright tinsel and balloons.

How to present a gift

Women are emotional, so impressions of receiving a gift are much brighter and more important than content. The time of delivery must be original. It does not matter if it is a small souvenir or a mink coat.

  • Games. Leave your wife notes with clues that will lead her to a hidden gift, play with my wife in the cold-hot. Pack the gift in a variety of boxes on the principle of matryoshka.
  • Congratulations in the early morning. The spouse will be delighted if she wakes up to see flowers in front of her, a decorated room, a box with a gift or breakfast in bed. Hide a bouquet and jewelry from the wife. The effect of surprise will work.
  • Festive dinner. The main thing to keep in secret the preparation of the holiday. During a romantic dinner, give a surprise to the sound of your wife’s favorite melody.
  • A gift on a bed. If there is a plot near the house, then you can leave a gift in the garden or on a tree with balloons and bright decorations.

After presenting the gift, confess to your spouse love and loyalty. Make a compliment of its irresistible and unique. Wish health and longevity.

Gift lists for wedding anniversaries

Each anniversary of life together has a name and traditions. According to folk customs, spouses present each other gifts corresponding to the theme of the holiday. Such congratulations are always original and unique.

1 year - "Calico Wedding"

The first anniversary of the spouses is marked with a special symbol. In modern life, this fabric is no longer worn and others give it instead:

  • clothes;
  • Underwear;
  • shawl;
  • towel;
  • set for needlework.

You can wrap the main gift in calico scarf or suitable material.

2 years - "Paper Wedding"

On this date, it is customary to give the wife money or a paper certificate to your favorite store. Hostesses can be given a special culinary edition or a subscription to the magazine:

  • a large amount of money in an envelope or a postcard with a message;
  • books;
  • photo album;
  • poster with photos and greetings;
  • collage family tree.

For decoration, it is desirable to use paper flowers or origami.

3 years - "Leather Wedding"

As a gift, you can use any leather goods:

  • jacket;
  • jacket;
  • skirt;
  • bag;
  • footwear;
  • belts;
  • gloves;
  • leather box;
  • certificate in a leather and fur shop;
  • subscription for skin care treatments;
  • accessories and jewels on a leather lace.

For the third anniversary give unusual souvenirs made of leather: a dream catcher or animal skin.

5 years - "Wooden Wedding"

On the anniversary give reliable and durable household items:

  • music box;
  • wooden box;
  • tree ornaments;
  • wooden comb or comb;
  • amulets made of wood;
  • picture of wood;
  • dressing table;
  • manual coffee grinder from valuable tree species.

A woman with a good sense of humor can give a plant seedling and plant it together.

10 years - "Tin Wedding" or "Pink Wedding"

The anniversary is celebrated brightly and in a big way. A serious date means it's time to renew the romance in a relationship. The husband gives his wife a chic bouquet and other pink gifts:

  • jewelry with pink stones or inserts;
  • pink notebook or phone;
  • tin souvenirs;
  • appliances for the kitchen;
  • car;
  • other significant gifts.

15 years - "Crystal Wedding"

Congratulations on the crystal wedding should be a solemn one, as this is an important date for the spouses. On the glass anniversary, it is customary to give transparent items or souvenirs:

  • jewelry with transparent stones or inserts;
  • wall mirror;
  • perfume in elegant glass bottles;
  • clear glass souvenirs;
  • diamonds;
  • tour for a joint holiday.

Each anniversary is another reason to refresh feelings. It is necessary to remember this date, to give each other attention in every way. And family life with ease comes to a golden wedding.

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