How to get rid of the smell in the washing machine

In the washing machines for the period of their long-term use, odors appear. This phenomenon does not affect the serviceability of the equipment. The appearance of foreign aromas after washing is inevitable. If you do not deal with this phenomenon, then things that have been in the washing machine, soak through and through with the stench.

The best folk remedies

The most famous and most affordable cleaning products for washing machines are citric acid, vinegar and baking soda. They are in the kitchen of every housewife and are able to quickly deal with an unpleasant problem.

Citric Acid + Vinegar

To remove unpleasant odors and scale in the washing machine, use 100 grams of citric acid and 0.5 liters of table vinegar. The product is placed in the drum and the washing program starts with a maximum temperature of 90 ° C. If after the first time the aroma remains, the washing is repeated without the use of agents.

Old scale deposits form in large formations. They can break away and damage the drain hose. When this happens, the car makes a humming sound. In this case, immediately stop washing, clean the hose and run the program again.

In the rubber seals of the unit accumulates scale and dirt. After washing it is very important to thoroughly wipe all the elements of technology that interact with water, including rubber parts and a compartment for detergents.

Baking soda

Regular (1 time per month) washing with soda is able to protect the washing machine from scale. 250 g of baking soda are poured into the powder compartment and the program for the longest wash at a temperature of 90 ° C is activated. At the end of the process, rinse must be repeated.

Experience has shown that homemade ways of dealing with unpleasant odors are effective. The use of such methods does not harm the internal parts of the washing machine and contributes to the silent operation of the unit.

Purchased chemicals against the smell of the drum

The stores feature a large selection of specialized anti-odor products. The most popular cleaners are manufactured in Europe:

  • Frau Schmidt (Frau Schmidt) with the smell of lemon. Suitable not only for washing machines, but also for dishwashers.
  • Cleaner Dr.Beckmann (Dr. Berkman) fights odors and scum.
  • Fine tablets from Well Done (Vel Dan) increase the service life of equipment and remove unpleasant odors.
  • Filtero fights odors inside the drum and removes scum from the washing machine.

These household chemicals should be used strictly in accordance with the instructions on the package. You cannot combine two or more types of cleaners at the same time. Apply the product only with gloves and a protective mask.

How to quickly remove the smell of gasoline and white spirit

When the smell of gasoline or white spirit is felt from the washing machine, you need to immediately clean the equipment. This procedure is carried out in several stages.

  1. Pour the baking soda in the powder compartment, turn on the program with a temperature of 30 ° C, and leave the drum empty.
  2. Then repeat the process with 9% table vinegar.
  3. Carry out the last wash at the minimum temperature without using cleaners.
  4. After a day, check to see if there is a foreign smell. To do this, carry out washing with unnecessary things or fabrics.
  5. If the method did not help the first time, then it needs to be repeated.

When all possible methods have been exhausted, and the smell is present, try a product containing chlorine. It can only be used as a last resort. The instruction to the equipment should mention that it is permissible to apply chlorine to this model of the washing machine.

If the hoses are made of plastic and not rubber, the chance of spoiling the device is reduced. Before use, the bleach is diluted in proportions according to the instructions. Washing temperature should not exceed 30 ° С. This is enough to remove the smell of gasoline. After one cycle, another wash is started, but without additional funds.

Rubber elements are able to absorb gasoline particles more than other materials, so after each wash it is recommended to wipe them dry with a solution of baking soda. Be sure to leave the drum door open for a while and ventilate the room where the machine is. Careful sorting of linen and separate washing will help prevent unpleasant odors in the drum.

What to do if mold has appeared?

To combat mold, thoroughly clean the washing machine parts. Most contaminants accumulate in seals and powder containers.

  • A solution of soda, blue vitriol or vinegar will help to get rid of unpleasant raids. If you constantly flush these parts, wipe them dry, the mold will not start and there will be no stench.
  • When the unpleasant smell just appeared, the usual soap solution will help. Starting the boiling program will eliminate microorganisms and the product of their decay.

The timely processing of visible parts of the body and the drum will protect against the appearance of mold.

Useful tips

  • Frequent washing at a temperature of 40 degrees with the use of liquid means leads to the layering of grease and deposits on the drum and hoses. To prevent odor, run the wash regularly at 90 degrees and add a small amount of powder.
  • Remove the laundry from the car immediately after washing, without waiting for it to drain.
  • Clothes for washing, store in a separate basket. Contamination causes mold and mildew. After completing the wash, keep the door open for as long as possible.
  • Poor household chemicals can cause an unpleasant odor. No anti-scale agent will help if you regularly fall asleep or pour a cheap powder or conditioner into the washing machine.
  • To make the automatic machine last as long as possible, use water filters and change them regularly. It is important to regularly clean the pump and the drain hose.
  • The reason for the appearance of unpleasant odors may be the wrong connection of the drain to the sewer. Equipment installation should be handled by a specialist.

The use of high-quality detergents and constant prevention of scale and dirt will protect the automatic washing machine from unpleasant odors, mold and breakdowns. Using the technique will not cause discomfort, bad mood, and the laundry will always smell fresh and sparkle clean.

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