How to eat to lose weight

Not only in our country, but throughout the world a huge number of people suffer from obesity. Even if the weight does not pass per centner, many have a rounded belly and there is a desire to get rid of it. But not everything is so simple.

Precautionary measures

Being overweight is a serious problem, a few extra pounds affect your health and performance. Therefore, to run the situation is not worth it. At least occasionally load yourself physically: do exercises in the morning, run a couple of times a week, use the stairs, and not the elevator. All these actions are elementary and do not require enormous efforts, and the result may pleasantly surprise.

If you feel unwell, exercise does not give you joy, or there is a disease that contributes to weight gain, then immediately consult a doctor. This is a serious health problem and must be addressed. Because by itself this process will not stop.

If you decide to lose weight, then carefully review the information. Do not immediately rush to the first available diet or follow the recommendations of a friend to eat once a day and drink a tablespoon of water. Do not go to extremes, spare yourself.

Consultation with a nutritionist or endocrinologist is needed to assess the state of health, determine the overweight ratio, give recommendations for a balanced diet and how to improve work and rest, advise the correct diet. Drastic changes in lifestyle should not be done in order not to undermine health. The organism, on the contrary, will accumulate even more fatty deposits, and you will seize a bad mood.

The decision to bring into your life a little sport is welcome. But do not abuse it. There is no need to run daily around the house for an hour. First, the body is not ready for such sharp loads. Secondly, you yourself will give up the idea of ​​losing weight in a couple of days and return to the cakes and pastries.

The main thing is to gradually change your mode. Refuse fatty foods and take small walks in the morning, complicate your routine and start running, switching to a diet that suits you.

What to eat to not harm the body

The most important thing during losing weight is not only to form the correct mode of the day, but also to eat well. From what energy and in what quantities the body will receive, the success of the further program of getting rid of extra pounds depends.

It is important to solve two problems:

  1. Determine how many kilograms you plan to lose, after passing the obstacle course in the form of a special diet.
  2. Learn how to plan a set of products and their number by counting calories.

Keep a diary, record all your snacks and full lunches, breakfasts and dinners. This will allow you to calculate the number of calories consumed over the past day.

The next step is to eliminate from your diet foods that will prevent you from achieving your goal:

  • Patties and buns.
  • Smoked
  • Fatty meats and fish, pickles.
  • Potatoes.
  • Cookies, gingerbread and the like.
  • Candy and sweets, cakes and pastries (well, at least for a while).

The list is quite long, but these products are basic. And what you need to eat, not only not to die of hunger, but also to stock up on energy for the whole day?

  • Various soups - they are healthy and nutritious.
  • Meat - low-fat varieties (veal, beef, poultry) and fish (cod, perch, pike perch, pollock) are not prohibited. Their number should be limited. And do not use fried.
  • Eggs
  • Vegetables and fruits. They have a lot of vitamins.
  • Tea coffee.
  • Milk products.
  • Pasta and cereals.
  • Wholemeal bran bran bread.
  • Vegetable oil.

But this does not mean that such foods can be eaten in any quantities, overeating during the day. The meaning of the diet is to eat as much food as is necessary for life.

Detailed menu for the week

On the day you need about 2500 calories. When eating three times, distribute them as follows:

  1. Breakfast - 35%
  2. Lunch - 40%
  3. Dinner - 25%

Most of the calories you will receive in the morning and at lunch. If you decide to choose 4-5 meals a day, then break the breakfast in two steps and add an afternoon snack.

Make a menu for the week. Show imagination, diversify a diet that it was full. We will give different options for eating, and you will find the right one for you.


  • Porridge in water (you can add nuts and raisins), a glass of milk, two eggs.
  • Mashed potatoes, boiled fish, a glass of milk.
  • Muesli with milk (or dry breakfast), one egg, juice.


  • Banana, orange and yogurt.
  • Fat-free cottage cheese, sour cream, apple.
  • A glass of milk and pancakes with cottage cheese.


  • Soup, buckwheat porridge with mushrooms, pumpkin salad with tomatoes and juice.
  • Ear, sliced ​​meat, vegetables, a glass of juice.
  • Borsch, buckwheat porridge, zrazy, cocoa.

Afternoon tea

  • Fruit Yogurt.
  • Vegetable salad with sour cream, juice.
  • Sandwich with cheese, a glass of milk.


  • Vinaigrette, boiled chicken, green tea.
  • Fishcake, greek salad, glass of milk.
  • Chicken, vegetable salad, tea.

This is only a rough menu, the number of meals and a set of products. Try to avoid monotony. You should enjoy the pleasure of eating and a full set of useful substances.

Menu differences for women and men

The organisms of men and women are very different, so the food for them will be different. The nutritionist will help you to make an exemplary menu, which will select an individual diet plan. General and individual tips on balanced nutrition:

  • Men have to spend more energy throughout the day, because they have more muscle mass than women.
  • Chips, soda and other harmful products have a greater impact on the female body.
  • Pumpkin and pumpkin seed oil preserve male libido.
  • It is useful for both sexes to eat seafood, which contains zinc and vitamin E.
  • Vitamins A, E and B are beneficial for women6contained in cereals, legumes, meat, ginger, eggs, liver and other products.
  • With age, it is better for men to limit themselves to eating meat, focusing on plant foods. So they will save themselves from problems with the heart and blood vessels. Women should definitely eat meat at any age. Hormones neutralize the negative properties of meat and the body receives all the necessary elements.
  • Women need to control iron deficiency by consuming products that contain this trace element.

Consider these differences in your weekly meal plan and easily change your diet if it is not suitable for you.

Useful tips nutritionists

  • Do not exhaust yourself. Hungry, the body is under stress. This encourages him to accumulate more calories. Feel the hunger - eat.
  • It is better to eat a little, but often. So the body will always have enough energy, and you will not feel discomfort.
  • Do not use temporary or express diets. Kilograms disappear only while you change your habits. Returning habits - returning pounds. Want results - choose a convenient diet.
  • Do not overeat in the evening - dinner should be light and unobtrusive to the stomach.
  • Do not eat at least 3 hours before bedtime. Otherwise, you can not sleep, the body will be engaged in the digestion of food. And it is likely that he will do this all night. As a result, you will not rest.
  • It is necessary to exclude sweets. If you are a sweet tooth, then you do not need to deprive yourself completely, it is enough to control their number. A couple of tablespoons of honey or a piece of chocolate per day will not cause significant harm to the figure.
  • Chips, lemonade and other harmful products are best removed from the diet forever.
  • Eat less bread while you eat. Valid only in the morning.
  • Replace sugar with honey.
  • Do not use seasoning when cooking.
  • It is better to eat fish and seafood than sausages.
  • Mayonnaise is too hot. Use sour cream and vegetable oil instead.

With a properly balanced diet, those extra pounds will gradually go away. Just need to record data in a diary, make a schedule for the week and lead an active lifestyle. Today, everyone can visit the swimming pool, Nordic walking. More often in the open air, walking in the park or the forest. Using these simple rules, you will rather quickly feel a surge of energy, self-confidence, ease of walking. Increase performance. As a result, the quality of life will improve and health will improve.

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