Proper care of nickel silver cutlery

Melchior is an alloy of copper, nickel, iron and manganese. Products from this safe and elegant metal - an indicator of good taste. More recently, cutlery made from this material was considered a luxury and was in short supply. They “got” them on occasion, and, having obtained them, they were carefully kept with reverence. The table was set with precious objects only for solemn occasions. Rare use did not save from natural darkening, which upset the housewives who were looking for among the improvised means to restore the former radiance. They were not so little.

Why does melchior darken?

Despite the advantages, one drawback is still there: due to improper care, the alloy is oxidized by oxygen and darkens quickly, stains and spots appear, which are difficult to get rid of.

Inexperienced housewives, seeing changes in appearance, start to panic. The situation is easily correctable. For cleaning cutlery from nickel silver at home is enough recipes. Financial expenses are not required, in the course are available materials: alcohol, salt, soda, eggshell, potatoes, foil and much more. In the store you can buy special chemicals.

The most effective folk ways

At the disposal of modern housewives household cleaning products for the kitchen. In the past century, coped with the help of available tools. There was no Internet and women read a lot of reference books, visited libraries in search of an answer. I offer a proven and effective means for cleaning nickel silver at home.


Take food foil of any manufacturer and thickness, place it in a deep container, add a quarter cup of soda, put cutlery from nickel silver and fill all with boiling water. A miracle will happen before your eyes: the purification process will begin at the same second and will not require your participation.


Cleaning with baking soda is no different from the one described above. Foil is not required, but the effect will be the same. The simplicity of the method will surprise, and the quality of cleaning will please.


To solve the problem, you can use eggs. There are several options:

  1. Boil the appliances in the water where the eggs were boiled.
  2. Expand the egg shells, add to the water and boil the dishes in the resulting solution.
  3. Wipe the dishes with a flannel cloth soaked in egg white.

The latter method of cleaning is gentle, applicable to cutlery made of nickel silver, silver and gold plated.

Toothpaste and salt

Previously, housewives used tooth powder to clean nickel silver items. The tool was applied to the fabric, the devices were rubbed to perfect shine. To buy tooth powder in stores today is possible, but it is difficult. Therefore, we take the toothpaste, with which we clean the dishes and achieve unprecedented shine before.

ATTENTION! The method has one drawback: the toothpaste microparticles are difficult to remove from cracks and chips on the surface of the dishes.


Garlic peel cover with water and bring to a boil. Add vinegar to the decoction and lower there the cutlery. Control the boiling process and wait for the desired effect. Remove objects, cool at room temperature and rinse under running water.

Other folk remedies

  1. When cleaning cutlery from nickel silver apply fine salt. The method is time consuming, but the result will please. Apply a small amount of salt to a sponge and clean the surface until you get the desired effect.
  2. Cleaning with the use of potatoes is a more gentle procedure. It will take a little time. Place the dish in the water where the peeled potatoes were located, leave for a few hours. Remove and wash the cutlery under running water and wipe dry.
  3. Removing stains with ammonia is suitable for cleaning dishes from nickel silver, coated with precious metals, products made of gold and silver. Place the items in a container with liquid ammonia, cover with a lid, leave for a while. After extraction, wash thoroughly under running water. To add shine, make a solution of ammonia and water, rinse them with cutlery, rinse with running water and dry.

How to clean nickel silver household chemicals

Household chemicals are represented by a wide range of products with different textures: powders, gels, wet wipes impregnated with formulations. They will bring back glitter and charm in minutes. I advise liquid cleaners and wet wipes that do not have abrasive components.

INTERESTING! After using household chemicals, an invisible film is formed on the cutlery, which protects the alloy from darkening and deterioration. In this they differ from folk remedies.

Useful tips

Melchior cutlery is similar to silverware, but their cost is much lower. To prefer dishes from rafting means to save money without spoiling the solemnity of the moment at the festive table. After all, cutlery from nickel silver is no worse than silver.

Prevention and storage rules

  • Products from nickel silver are capricious in everyday life, therefore they require careful maintenance. They must be polished to a shine using special tools.
  • Proper storage is important: in a dry place away from other cutlery. Wrap each piece of nickel silver with a dry napkin, then with cling film and foil. The method will protect from oxygen exposure, the paper will absorb moisture, to which the alloy is sensitive. With proper storage, the dishes will remain light, without stains and stains.
  • After use, cutlery, wash and dry.
  • Choosing the means of household chemicals, pre-study the composition. It should not contain chlorine, which provokes the appearance of stains, and abrasives, which leave scratches on the surface.

Subject to the rules of care, cutlery from nickel silver serve forever.

Adhering to these rules, you save cutlery from nickel silver in its original form, and later they will become a family heirloom, which with pride will be passed down from generation to generation.

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