How to clean the fur of silver fox from the yellowness and dirt

In everyday life, many owners of products from natural fur are faced with a problem when almost a new product from silver fox turned yellow and lost its original appearance. Do not worry, there are always tools at hand that will help, most importantly, to use them correctly.

Folk remedies for removing dirt and yellowness

The product from the fur of silver fox is an expensive pleasure, no one will have a thought to spoil it. In most cases, owners resort to folk remedies for a number of reasons: low risk, low cost and availability of products, ease of use.

Soapy water

To remove dirt and grease stains, dilute shampoo or liquid soap in water. Moisten a piece of gauze with a solution and wrap the brush. Clean in a neat motion in the direction of the pile. Make sure that the moisture does not fall on the skin under the fur. Wash off the soap solution with plain water. Dry with cotton pads. Shake the fur and walk over it with a comb with rare teeth. Shake again and leave to dry.

Alcohol and Vinegar

To remove sticking dust and greasy dirt, soak a cotton pad with medical alcohol and walk along the villus against and then in the direction of their growth. Wipe with a dry cloth or cotton swab.

You can replace the medical alcohol with vinegar or use their mixture. Combine in equal proportions of acetic acid, water and ethanol. Go through the pile with a cotton swab dipped in a working solution, wiping it with a dry cloth. Alcohol and vinegar dry the pile, so after the procedure, grease the silver fox's hair with glycerin so that it acquires its former shine. Shake, comb and dry the fur.

Gasoline and Talc

Yellow and hard to remove stains from the fur are removed with purified gasoline in its pure form and in mixtures. Acquire it at a hardware store, and not from automobile gas stations.

  • Method number 1. Dampen a cotton pad with gasoline and swipe the pile.
  • Method number 2. Add talc to gasoline to obtain a slurry. Apply the mixture on the fur and leave to dry completely in natural conditions. Use a soft brush to comb the loose substance.
  • Method number 3. Talcum sprinkle plenty of yellowing stain. Leave for 10 minutes, then carefully shake off the product.

In the room where you worked with gasoline, open the window. After the procedure, shake the fur and send it to fresh air for ventilation.

Ammonia and peroxide

To whiten the yellowness, prepare a solution:

  • Ammonia - 1 tsp.
  • Hydrogen peroxide - 1 tablespoon.
  • Water - 2 cups.

Soak the napkin in the mixture and wipe the silver fox hair in the direction of hair growth. Do not flush the solution. If you dry the product in the sun, the effect will intensify.

Starch and flour

Spread the fur product on a flat surface and rub starch or flour into the pile. Actions must be carried out manually, as if when washing things. Leave for a few minutes. Shake loose material and thoroughly brush the residue with a soft brush. Starch and flour successfully combats yellowness and dirt. If after the procedure the yellowness remains, repeat the cleansing until the spots are completely removed.

Specialized chemistry for fur cleaning

Purchased products are used to quickly remove yellowness, dirt, grease stains from fur products. Before use, read the instructions and see the reviews. Among the specialized chemistry, we can distinguish the most popular tools:

  • Powder powder "Terre De Sommieres" - the bottle is filled with loose mix. Spread the product evenly over the nap of the product and let it sit for a few minutes for effective action. Shake off the powder and comb the silver fox hair with a comb with large teeth. Means eliminates yellowness and greasy spots. If after one application the result is not satisfied, repeat the procedure.
  • Aerosol "INSAF". Shake the product before processing to remove any dust. Spray the product. Moisturize is not necessary, so as not to wet the skin. Brush in the direction of the pile and immediately dry with a dry cloth. To prevent the fur from turning yellow and not accumulating dirt, use an aerosol for preventive purposes.
  • Ruler "Biofur" - universal remedies for difficult to remove stains and dirt. The action is aimed at restoring the living structure of the nap at home. Shake the fur product and place it on a horizontal surface. Moisten polluted places with foam and leave for three minutes. Remove with a wet towel.

Features of cleaning the collar from dust and dirt

To make the collar look pristine, periodically clean it of dust and dirt with improvised or purchased means:

  • Lay a wet sheet on a horizontal surface and lay the collar with the fur side of the collar on it. Tap lightly on the outside, dust will remain on the sheets. Shake the collar and comb the fur.
  • Spread the semolina (starch or talc) over the fur. Gently rub the pile and leave for a few hours. Shake out the grits and comb the collar.
  • Heat wheat or rye bran in a dry skillet. When hot, distribute over the collar and leave to cool completely. Shake out crumbs and comb fur. Bran remove dust, dirt, remove odor and absorb fat.
  • Shampoo for animals, beat up to a state of foam and carefully treat contaminated places. Blot with a wet towel, shake, comb and dry the collar.
  • Scatter the heated river sand over the fur. After cooling, shake off the sand.

Among the purchased funds we will highlight: "LIVAL LICKER KONZ", "ULTRA FINISH MILK".

How to take care of silver fox fur

The product from the fur of silver fox will serve more than one season, if you follow the rules:

  • After a walk in rainy, snowy weather, dry the fur under natural conditions, and then comb it.
  • Do not dry the product with a hair dryer and near heating devices, so that the fur does not acquire a yellowish tint.
  • Protect the product from moths. Do not use products that come into contact with fur. The best solution would be plates, tablets.
  • Do not use dry-cleaner, but give it to professional furriers - at high temperatures the fur of the animal deteriorates.

From fur of the silver fox create amazing and expensive products. I would like to see them in their original form longer. Do not wait until the wool fades, coats, turns yellow. Care for the thing constantly, even when it is hanging in the closet.

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