How to cook beef with potatoes in the oven

Beef dishes are healthy and tasty, but many refuse to eat them, because the meat becomes hard and dry during the heat treatment. Few people know that this can be avoided, knowing a few secrets. The point is the correct choice of mascara, marinade and temperature modes. Beef, cooked in the oven, softer than in the pan.

Delicious potatoes with meat in the oven - cooking secrets

Choose the right meat. It is better to buy in the market, where there is a choice and the opportunity to make sure that the product is fresh, and also to bargain.

How to choose the right fresh beef? There are several rules that every woman should know:

  • Red color and shiny surface.
  • Fat bands should be firm.
  • Pleasant smell (no foreign smell!).
  • The edges of the tenderloin should not be dry.
  • When you press your finger on the meat, the cavity immediately aligns.

We select the recipe for marinade. Beef is a tough kind of meat, so it’s best to marinate before cooking. Because of this, it will not only become softer, but also improve the taste. Pay attention to the quality of the marinade and the result will please!

When choosing ingredients it is important to know what the final result should be: make the beef soft or get a unique taste.

Basic rules

  • Rinse the selected piece under running water, dry with paper napkins and cut into portions.
  • When cooking marinade, fantasize by adding and combining seasonings and greens. The most commonly used: vinegar, onions, spices, or poured tomato juice (diluted with water).
  • Serve slices in the marinade for a little over an hour, and the whole tenderloin - a few hours.

Spices choose at will. Condiments are sold, which are better suited for beef:

  • Basil. Add at the end of cooking, it enhances the taste.
  • Rosemary. If it happens that the meat is old, rosemary will eliminate the odor.
  • Thyme. Beef will give a unique, delicate taste and aroma.
  • Parsley. It is better to add at the end of cooking, it will give freshness and flavor.

Useful tips

  • Meat choose on the market, give preference to the sirloin.
  • Keep the meat in the marinade for more than an hour.
  • Put onions and cut into rings.
  • Place potatoes on top of the beef, otherwise it will be fried.
  • Do not use new potatoes.
  • Cut potatoes into large pieces.
  • Use spices and marinade, and when refueling potatoes.
  • If you like crisp, do not cover the pan with foil.
  • Together with the potatoes, you can bake other vegetables, as long as they combine to taste.

Beef - a product, unique on usefulness and tastes. When combined with the right side dish, you can even add a festive table with a tasty and satisfying dish.

There are many recipes for beef with potatoes in the oven. If you are new to culinary business, learn a classic recipe, and then, having gained experience, experiment and surprise your close people with new dishes!

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