How to clean the lungs after smoking - folk and medical methods

Smoking a pack of cigarettes a day is people's favorite leisure. “I'll go and have a smoke” - this phrase became a reason to interrupt work, a necessary waste of money and not only. However, it is always time to pay bills. In the process of smoking, tar and nicotine, which together with other harmful substances, cause irreparable harm to health, enter the body.

Preparation and precautions

Full recovery takes from four months to a year, depending on the individual characteristics of the organism. The main criterion in the purification of the respiratory tract is the availability of free time. It is necessary to act gradually, step by step. If the accumulated sputum is discharged quickly, its even more secretion is not excluded, which is fraught with impaired lung patency, and, over time, can lead to the development of oncology.

From the point of view of medical practice, treatment begins with folk remedies. Homemade drugs gently affect the body and do not have side effects. Of the many recipes, each will choose the best option. A balanced diet will also shorten the recovery period of organs damaged during smoking.

It is not necessary to start abruptly to intensive sports training, because during a long run, the load not only on the heart muscle, but also on the bronchopulmonary system, increases several times.

Why clean the lungs

Self-cleansing occurs in people who consume the minimum amount of cigarettes. In other cases, the mucus produced by the cells, which helps remove nicotine, tar, carcinogens and irritants from the respiratory tract, becomes more viscous and sputum secretion becomes more difficult. When this happens, the vessels are blocked and gas exchange is disturbed, as a result of which an insufficient amount of oxygen enters the blood.

Cleaning the lungs helps the respiratory system to remove harmful substances, to clean the walls of the bronchi, to enrich the blood with oxygen. All this helps to restore damaged areas, improve metabolic processes and improve immunity in general.

Effective folk remedies for cleaning from nicotine and tar

Nowadays, a considerable number of infusions and decoctions are known, contributing to the restoration of health as a result of the rejection of nicotine.


Whole grains of oats (200 g) are poured with half a liter of milk, brought to a boil over low heat until about half remains. The prepared broth is cooled to room temperature, filtered and drunk immediately. The remaining texture is consumed during the day before meals. Course duration - 60 days. At the end of the first week, the cough increases and sputum discharge occurs.

Infusion of violets and oregano

Taken on one tablespoon of dried violets and oregano. Poured half a liter of boiling water and infused for one and a half hours. Then filtered and consumed three times a day. The duration of the procedure is from 30 to 60 days. Sputum discharge is not accompanied by increased cough.

Onion syrup

Split the onion sprinkled with sugar and allowed to infuse for 7 days. Then decant the resulting syrup and consume once a week. In this case, the effect of the remedy is slow.

Herbal Infusion

It will take: primrose, horsetail, lungwort, poppy, licorice, soapstone, thyme, elderberry, plantain, pickle, violet, fennel and pine shoots. One tablespoon of each of the ingredients is poured into the enamelware and poured with two liters of water. Insist at least three hours. Take 200 ml before bedtime. Course duration 45-60 days. Infusion has an expectorant effect that promotes sputum withdrawal.

Bay leaf

In a liter of boiling water brew 8-10 large leaves. Insist night, then filter and consume half a glass three times a day before meals. Duration - one month.

Honey with lemon

Using a meat grinder, chop the lemon and add honey from a 1: 1 ratio. Take one tablespoon before eating. Consume should be up to three weeks. Promotes active sputum discharge.

Pharmacy drugs

In addition to traditional medicine, to improve the discharge of sputum, use medications that anyone can buy in the pharmacy network.

Attention! Before use, be sure to consult a doctor.


The active ingredient of the drug is ambroxol hydrochloride, which helps to reduce the viscosity of sputum and facilitate its elimination from the body. Sold in the form of syrup, tablets and solution.


Analogue of ambroxol. It has a similar effect. Increases local immunity, reduces inflammation and suppresses substances that contribute to the inflammatory process.


Means of plant origin. The active ingredient is ivy leaves climbing. It has anti-inflammatory antioxidant and antifungal effects. Available in the form of a syrup.


The combined drug is sold in pill form. It has mucolytic, bronchodilator and expectorant action.


Mucolytic agent with expectorant and antioxidant action. It is derived from the amino acid cysteine. Promotes detoxification of harmful substances. Available in pill form.


The drug is of plant origin, the basis of which is the root of Althea. Envelops the walls of the bronchi, preventing irritation. It has antimicrobial and expectorant effects. Available in the form of tablets and syrup.

Breathing exercises and cleansing procedures

  • Breathing exercises. In combination with drugs and folk remedies, should be engaged in therapeutic breathing exercises. Regular inhalation and exhalation in a well-ventilated room, a simple and proven method of gradual cleansing of the lungs and bronchi.
  • Exercises. Perform twice a day, morning and evening, 30-40 times. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Such a sequence maximally reveals the lungs. The effectiveness of respiratory gymnastics will increase if during a workout you breathe in various essential oils and drink mineral water.
  • Inhalation. Procedures help in the fight against bronchitis in people suffering from nicotine addiction. Essential oils, herbal decoctions and saline solution are suitable for inhalation.
  • Bathhouse An excellent means of cleansing the respiratory tract. Wet vapor liquefies mucus and helps its removal from the respiratory tract, even through the pores of the skin. You can use in the steam room oak, birch or fir besom. A good addition is the use of eucalyptus, anise or cumin based essential oils. Essential oils have an antiseptic, deodorizing, antiviral, expectorant, healing and tonic effect on the body.

Special nutrition and diet

There is no strict diet for those who want to get rid of their addiction. But experts advise to include in the diet foods rich in vitamin C. Sauerkraut, decoction of rose hips, lemon and other vegetables and fruits will help increase the body's defenses of the smoker. Eating onion, garlic and ginger is also necessary.

It is recommended to increase the amount of fluid consumed to 2-3 liters per day. Well removes toxins from the body green tea. Plus, it is a well-known antioxidant.

Complete cleansing of the respiratory system is a long and painstaking process. Someone he takes weeks, and someone cleared for several months, it all depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. If you took up health, fight to the bitter end. Your health is in your hands!

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