What is the electronic diary student

Modern technology is penetrating deeper and deeper into human life. Not an exception and educational sphere, where recently such innovative device as an electronic diary of a schoolchild is used. The diary's task is to bring parents, teachers, and students closer together.

Advantages and disadvantages of the diary

Benefits for parents

Keeping this way in assessing progress, has the following advantages for parents:

  • Round-the-clock access to student performance information.
  • View the schedule of lessons, information about school activities.
  • The ability to communicate with the teacher of the child, with the leadership of the school.

Student Benefits

The program allows the student to not worry about the timely recording of homework, about the changes that have occurred in the schedule. All information and important information will appear in a timely manner on the log screen. It is also convenient for schoolchildren who, for whatever reason, were not in class.

The introduction of innovative development in the educational process will allow:

  • See grades received during different periods of study.
  • Learn academic performance.
  • Get acquainted with the events taking place in the school.

The benefits of electronic diaries for teachers

The use of the diary by the teacher provides several advantages:

  • Communication with parents of students is provided.
  • It turns out to quickly calculate data on student performance.
  • It is possible to conduct remote consultations.

Diary Disadvantages

The confidence level of the information in the electronic journal may be outdated and not display real information about the student’s progress. This is due to the forgetfulness of the teacher or his workload.

As a result, there is a need to explain to the teaching staff about the benefits of the e-journal and about the correct use of innovation.

Can the student delete or correct grades on his own?

Removing or correcting student grades is possible if the teacher forgot to close the system. A student can get into it and make changes. Such an intervention is likely to be detected, and then the student will be punished.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that children are literate Internet users, so a student, when assisting a teacher with a computer, can quietly correct the assessments in the system.

The reason for the possible unauthorized access to the electronic log is the installation of simple passwords or the lack of data protection software. In general, it is possible to achieve a significant level of security.

It should be taken into account that electronic journals, like other software, are developed by experts. They try to keep data safe at various levels of protection. It may be that among the students there is a talented young programmer who can bypass the installed protection systems and get into the magazine. This can be done from anywhere with a personal computer. In this case, it is obvious not only the change of ratings, but also the infection of files with malware.

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