How to clean jewelry from browning

Every girl at home has jewelry that is used during certain periods of life. Among such jewelry you can see pendants, earrings or bracelets. These items cost less than gold or silver jewelry. In any case, take care of your jewelry, so that all these decorations shine beautifully.

Effective tools for cleaning jewelry from different materials

If you are cleaning metal jewelry, purchase a special cleaning paste that is sold in the respective stores. However, such things are easy to update and at home, using simple solutions. It is enough to take some water and tooth powder, although ordinary chalk will do. As a tool, take a brush with a soft nap and a napkin of wool. The main thing is to correctly identify the material used to make a particular jewelry.


  • When you want to clean jewelry made from metal without spraying, add soda mixed with ordinary chalk to the water.
  • On small parts of jewelry, which were covered with rust, affected with vinegar. However, surgical steel decorations only deteriorate.

It is recommended to minimize any cleaning methods, as this reduces the service life of the product, and in some cases can hopelessly spoil it.


Plastic jewelry requires careful cleaning, so it uses liquid detergents and shampoos. Dip the object in such a solution, and then wipe gently with a soft cloth. It is preferable to use lint-free textiles.


Copper jewelry is easy to clean with a mixture of finely ground salt and vinegar. The components under consideration are stirred until the paste is in a state, and only after that proceed. At the end of the procedure, the product is washed and dried.

Also help a few cloves of garlic, which is rubbed on a grater. This gruel is mixed with salt and applied to the object. Then leave for five minutes and then rinse thoroughly. Dry the product and enjoy its restored charming look.


Wood jewelery suffers from water and various types of fatty environments, so they are cleaned with a piece of soft cloth. Hot sun rays and high temperatures also harm them, so do not clean them with hot water and do not forget outside in direct sunlight.


It is easiest to care for glass ornaments. You can use any methods and mild detergents. However, you will ruin them with hard abrasive surfaces.

Products under gold and coated

If the jewelry is made under gold or silver, it is not recommended to rub it strongly. Immerse the jewelry in soapy water, and then wipe gently. If you skip this recommendation, the probability is high to simply erase the spray. And then the charming look will be hopelessly spoiled.

Jewelery with topaz and zircons

To topaz and zirconia again sparkled, clean them with a solution of ammonia and water. Observe the proportion of 1: 6.

Features cleaning jewelry "Pandora"

Most often, jewelry "Pandora" are made of silver, which eventually fades. At home, take a solution of soapy water, and then gently polish the object with a cloth.

When cleaning it is absolutely impossible to use liquid chemicals for silver, because then all protective coatings will be removed, which will lead to rapid deterioration of the product.

Useful tips

  • When brushing artificial pearl jewelry, do not use wet cleaning methods, rather take a dry, velvety piece of cloth and rub it.
  • To avoid problems when cleaning, store jewelry in special cases.
  • Avoid contact of various objects with them so that jewelry does not fade.

These helpful tips and techniques will help keep your jewelry clean.

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