How to clean the fur at home

During wear, fur products - fur coats, hats, collars, are exposed to the harmful effects of the external environment. Over time, dust and dirt accumulate on their surface. "Salting" occurs, the fur loses its luster, and with it the spectacular appearance. In addition, contaminated fur retains heat poorly.

Safety and precautions

At home, use 2 ways to clean the fur:

  1. Mechanical.
  2. Chemical.

The first option is based on manually rubbing adsorbing substances. The second involves the use of chemicals, including potentially hazardous to humans. These include gasoline. During work with it it is necessary to observe precautionary measures.

  • It is better to clean outside or in a well-ventilated area to avoid the concentration of gasoline vapors.
  • Eliminate the presence of open flame near heaters.
  • Remove children from the desktop.
  • Do not use gasoline in the evening, so as not to get poisoned in pairs during sleep.
  • Petrol-treated fur product to hang out on the street until the smell disappears.

The best means for cleaning products from natural fur

For full cleaning of outerwear from fur it is recommended to apply:

  • Foam rubber;
  • Styrofoam;
  • Bentonite;
  • Sawdust of deciduous trees: oak, birch and others.


A popular tool is gasoline, which splits dirt particles and removes them from the surface. The advantages of gasoline include - availability and effectiveness of action. The main disadvantage is a sharp and unpleasant smell that lasts for a long time. To properly clean, take into account the length of the pile:

  • Long-haired fur is rubbed in the direction of growth of the villi.
  • Short-haired fur is washed in any direction, but in one direction.


The cleaning procedure with sawdust is carried out, slightly sprinkling them with turpentine or gasoline. Sawdust should be taken clean, not rotten. On the fur poured 1 - 2 cups of sawdust. Using a brush, rub them over the surface.

Adding new portions of cleaning agent, carefully process the whole thing. In places with a large accumulation of dirt, the manipulations are repeated 2 - 3 times. At the end of the procedure, the sawdust is removed, the product is shaken off and combed out.


With a mild degree of contamination, glycerin is applied to the stain and after a while it is wiped with a damp cloth. If the dirt enters the fur, apply a proven composition: mix equal parts of vinegar, water, pet shampoo. Plots contaminated with fat or sweat, wipe with a saline solution (in a ratio of 1: 3 to 0.5 l of water) or with a mixture of ammonia and denatured alcohol (in equal proportions).

Foam rubber

Strongly soiled places are recommended to be cleared by means of a foam rubber. Spread it over the entire depth of the pile. It absorbs the dirt and dust caught on the spine of the hair. Large pieces of foam rubber will be useful for removing surface brining. The washcloth is held in the hand and carried through the fur in the direction of hair growth. As the pollution changes.

How to clean faux fur - folk methods and household chemicals

Faux fur is easy to clean with steam. To do this, it is enough to take an iron with vaporization, reheat, and inject a jet into the dirty area. Dry the product completely at room temperature and comb the pile.

Greater contamination will help remove carpet cleaner. It is applied to the surface and over time, wipe with a damp cloth.

An effective home remedy is a mixture of washing powder, dishwashing gel and starch. It is rubbed into the stain and left to dry. The remains are removed with a brush.

Vinegar for removing stains from faux fur is contraindicated.

Features of cleaning light and white fur

With particular care it is necessary to treat the products of skins of light shades. Note that white fur will turn yellow with time. This is especially noticeable in white fox, mink, and gray astrakhan products.

For cleaning select high-quality light sawdust. Good help folk remedies - semolina, potato flour, starch, talc. To enhance the effect, food before the procedure is heated to +80 C.

At home to remove dirt from the bright surface, you can try the water-ammonia solution. It is sprayed on the area of ​​the product and left to dry. Then the pile is combed out with a brush. Also helps blue, diluted in water. She moistened cloth and wipe the fur.

Do not use bleach, as well as products containing coloring matter.

Video instruction

Useful tips

In the cleaning of fur products there are some nuances that should not be forgotten.

  • Cleaners are best applied to a brush for clothes or on a cloth (coarse, flannel).
  • Do not use sawdust coniferous trees. In the composition they contain resinous substances.
  • After manipulation, the fur should dry at room temperature. Then it should be combed, avoiding tangling.
  • It is not recommended to clean at home fur things, soiled with oils. Fat deeply eats into the pile, and it can only be removed with the help of special chemicals.
  • Do not leave dirty items for long without cleaning. Products become untidy, fur loses shine.

After the product is cleaned, the pile gets a soft, uniform shine over the entire surface. If in some places there are dim areas, then this indicates either a poorly executed procedure or a wiping of the fur.

Watch the video: How to: wash furs (October 2019).

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