How to clean suede folk remedies

Clothing and footwear made of suede enjoys unchanged consumer demand, and is distinguished by a special charm, beauty and convenience. Women, it gives individuality, and men helps to emphasize the impeccable taste.

The best products for home cleaning natural suede

The following products are used to clean natural suede:

  • steam;
  • soap solution;
  • glycerol;
  • hydrogen peroxide and ammonia;
  • starch;
  • gasoline and talc;
  • ammonia and vinegar;
  • special brush;
  • other effective means.


Water stains can be cleaned with steam. To this end, hold the suede product over the steam for a few seconds, and then lightly rub the stains with a clean sponge.


The tool will help clean the bright suede.

  1. Combine glycerin with a special coloring agent.
  2. Walk through the polluted areas with a simple stiff brush.
  3. Treat the product with the prepared solution.

Glycerin has a water-repellent property, so after cleaning and drying shoes, it can be wiped with a cloth moistened with glycerin.

Hydrogen peroxide and ammonia

This way will help to clean light suede things.

  1. In 200 ml of water add ½ tsp. 3% hydrogen peroxide and ammonia.
  2. Apply the composition to a sponge and wipe contaminated areas.
  3. To wet another sponge with water and to process the same places.
  4. Dry with a clean cotton cloth.


Potato starch will help remove greasy stains. It is necessary to pour it into polluted places, leave for half an hour, then clean it with a brush.

Gasoline and Talc

Gasoline is suitable for removing grease stains from suede products. It is necessary to treat the contaminated area with gasoline, and then sprinkle with a small amount of talcum powder. After half an hour, remove the residue with a special brush.

Soap solution

Soap solution will eliminate strong pollution. First, use a brush to clean the dirt from the surface, and then wash off the residue with soapy water. To prepare it in warm water, add regular or liquid soap. After the procedure, suede wipe and dry.

Ammonia and vinegar

Mix ½ cup of warm water with 50 ml of ammonia. To wipe the problem areas with the finished solution, and then slightly walk with a wet cloth. Complete the procedure with a solution of vinegar (1 tsp. Vinegar and 1 liter of water).

Special brush

To remove dirt, buy a soft broom brush. Treat it with a solution of ammonia (ammonia and water in a ratio of 1: 5). For different color suede should be an individual brush.

Other effective remedies

To cope with strong pollution will help the solution of milk and soda.

  1. Mix half a cup of milk with ½ tsp. baking soda and a couple drops of ammonia.
  2. Stir all ingredients thoroughly and apply to a soft cloth.
  3. Wipe contaminated sites.
  4. Remove residues with a wet cotton pad.

This method helps to clean bright suede. For processing materials of dark tones, replace milk with water.

How to clean faux suede

Artificial suede to the touch is the same as natural. It is easy to clean.

Primary processing

It is very important to carry out the first treatment. When buying suede clothes or shoes, immediately purchase care products:

  • Brush for suede. It is desirable double-sided (nap and rubber comb).
  • Protective agent (colorless or tinting).
  • Foam for cleaning.

Suede foam

The foam will easily remove various contaminants.

  1. Apply foam to the previously dried surface, and after 3 minutes remove the excess with a sponge.
  2. Brush clean.
  3. Complete the treatment with a pile up. To do this, use the eraser.

Salt stains removal

In winter and autumn, salt stains are common. They must be removed immediately, because after drying it is more difficult to do.

  1. Wipe the suede shoes with a soft piece of cloth slightly moistened with ammonia.
  2. After drying, lift the pile with a rubber brush.

If, after processing, chamois has stuck, hold the product over the steam and immediately brush it.

Light suede peeling

To clean the light suede, you need to touch the stain with the crumb of white bread, without rubbing it, and changing the bread periodically.

For cleaning light artificial suede, you can use the tools that were used for natural suede.

Specialized household chemicals

The stores sold aerosols. They remove white bloom. You need to shake the can well, spray the substance on the desired area, and leave for half an hour. It is also recommended to buy a brush and water repellent.

Useful tips on caring for suede products

Brief recommendations:

  • Suede shoes may only be cleaned when dry.
  • Exposure to the sun may give the shoe a blue or greenish shade, so avoid prolonged exposure to the sun.
  • Do not wear suede in wet weather.
  • When choosing care products, pay attention to the composition - there should be no synthetics at the base.
  • Handle shoes with aerosol paints that will restore color and soften the rough surface.

All of these methods are effective and efficient. They do an excellent job with pollution. To make things look attractive, you need to clean them regularly and follow the care instructions.

Do not put off cleaning on the back burner, but remove the pollution immediately after the appearance, and your image in suede clothes will always cause envy and delight.


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