How to clean the lymph at home

The human lymphatic system is closely connected with the circulatory system, complementing it and interacting with it. The fluid circulating in the lymphatic vessels is called lymph. Movement is slow, with little pressure. Lymph performs important functions: it enriches tissue fluid with immune cells, transports it into the bloodstream, and participates in metabolic processes. Removes toxins and slags from tissue structures.

Preparation and precautions

Most cleansing methods are safe, quick and effective, but some procedures are contraindicated in the presence of serious diseases. This requires prior consultation with a doctor.

Absolute contraindications to the procedure are:

  • Malignant disease;
  • Acute thrombotic processes in the body;
  • Heart or kidney failure;
  • Infectious diseases in the acute stage;
  • Pregnancy.

To exclude contraindications, it is necessary to undergo a medical examination: measure blood pressure, check the pulse rate, pass general blood and urine tests. This will avoid unpleasant surprises.

Effective folk methods

Folk lymphatic purification methods appeared long before the opening of the lymphatic system. The people were well known for the healing properties of these methods for various ailments, but their connection with the lymph was revealed later.

Medicinal herbs

There are plants, infusions and decoctions of which contribute to the purification of blood vessels. These are sabelnik, oregano, sorrel, St. John's wort, acacia, nettle, horse chestnut and many others.

Prepare a herbal collection of white acacia flowers, Jerusalem artichoke, stalks and yarrow leaves, nettle leaves, thyme, oregano, St. John's wort, sage inflorescences and horsetail leaves. Grinding and mixing all these herbs, make an infusion of them. Pour a glass of boiling water one tablespoon of the resulting mass, strain and drink in small portions. Take one glass per day.

Another way - using infusion from dandelion roots: 2 teaspoons of crushed roots pour a glass of boiling water. Boil for 5 minutes, insist hour. Insist drink three times a day before meals.

Natural juices

To this end, help the juices of citrus fruits: grapefruit, lemon and orange. Thanks to natural organic acids and vitamins, they contribute to the activation of lymphatic drainage.

The procedure starts in the morning and is as follows: take 4 grapefruit juice, 3 lemons and 5-6 oranges. Dilute with a liter of water and drink one glass every hour until it ends. We again prepare the juice and repeat the procedure.

We continue for three days. In the evenings, you can still do a cleansing enema. A few days after the procedure, it is desirable to eat vegetable food.

Garlic, onion and lemon

Garlic, onion and lemon are widely used in various recipes of traditional medicine. In order to clean the vessels of the lymphatic system, one onion, a head of garlic and one lemon are taken together with the peel. The ingredients are finely chopped, mixed, and then poured into a liter of boiling milk. The broth is boiled for several minutes (the milk is rolled up when the lemon is added). The result is filtered, cooled and drunk half a cup in the morning and evening, half an hour before meals. Keep it in the fridge. The duration of the intake is 3-4 days, and these days dairy products should be avoided.

Tibetan lymph cleansing

The recipe is based on the use of alcohol tincture of celandine, apple, carrot and beet juices. Celandine is passed through a meat grinder and squeezed out of it juice, filtering. Mix 70 ml of alcohol and 450 ml of juice. On the first day, take 1 drop before breakfast, 2 drops before dinner and 3 drops before dinner. Then daily add 1 drop at each reception. After reaching the morning dosage of 15 drops, the amount of tincture is reduced in the reverse order, bringing to 1 drop. In addition to the infusion of celandine, carrot-apple juice is mixed with beetroot in the ratio of 4: 1, drink 150-200 ml before meals.

Sauna or bath

In the life of a long time and firmly entered the bath with a broom of nettle, sauna with steam room and swimming pool, Turkish bath and more. They may differ in different nations, but one thing unites them - thermal procedures improve blood circulation, metabolism, and improve lymphatic drainage.

To achieve the effect, the procedures are repeated several times a week for a month. The result will be better if you compensate for the loss of fluid not with ordinary water, but with fresh juices.

Bleedings and leeches

In ancient times, bloodletting was done for any reason - against migraine, bodily pain, fatigue, weakness, and increased irritability. Now this method is rarely used, since the arsenal of therapeutic agents in medicine has expanded considerably. Nevertheless, bloodletting remains an effective method. By removing some of the blood, stress is removed from the bloodstream and lymphatic bed, and the blood is replenished and renewed.

Technically, bloodletting is carried out in various ways: through injection punctures, shallow skin incisions, or with the help of medical leeches. The use of leeches - hirudotherapy is an effective method, albeit an unpleasant one. Leeches secrete into the blood substances that contribute to its liquefaction, thereby improving microcirculation, lymph flow, tissue metabolism.

Method of lymph cleansing according to Butakova

The author of this technique is the doctor O.A. Butakova - offers to conduct a course of lymphatic treatment with the use of natural products: licorice root tablets, coral water, brown algae, Aktivin capsules (BAA), Altimate vitamin-mineral complex, artichoke preparations and probiotics.

There are several schemes for the use of drugs, consider one of the most popular.

  1. A tablet of licorice root dissolved in half a glass of water. Drink three times a day half an hour before meals.
  2. After 15-20 minutes, drink a glass of coral water.
  3. After 3 hours, take the kelp preparation. It adsorbs toxic substances and prevents them from re-entering the lymph.
  4. Take a pill of artichoke (to cleanse the biliary tract).
  5. Use drugs Aktivin, Altimeyt and probiotic according to the instructions.
  6. Course duration - 10 days.

Video instruction

Walker lymphatic cleaning

Frozen clean water (2 liters), just before the start of the procedure, is defrosted. Next, prepare 900 ml of juice from fresh grapefruits, the same from fresh oranges and 200 ml of lemon juice. All mixed up.

In the morning on an empty stomach make a cleansing enema, adding to it a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Next, take a hot shower or bath, and then drink 200 ml of the prepared mixture. After this, there is abundant sweating and the urge to empty the bowel, often - loose stools. Then drink 100 ml of the mixture every half hour until it ends. Exactly the same procedure is repeated on the 2nd and 3rd days.

Drugs and pills

There are many drugs, the use of which helps to cleanse the lymphatic bed.

Licorice root, mentioned in the description of O.A. Butakovoy, contains a number of biologically active substances that improve the flow of lymph, tissue circulation, have anti-inflammatory, diuretic, laxative, enveloping effect. Enterosgel, which is often used with licorice root, has an absorbent and detoxifying effect. Activated carbon tablets have similar properties.

There is a close relationship between cleansing the intestines and lymph. For this purpose, apply and laxative drugs, for example, magnesium sulfate. When taken orally, the drug has a choleretic effect and removes heavy metals from the intestine.

In order to normalize lymphatic drainage, phlebotonics are used: detralex, troxevasin, venosmil, venorutone, etc. By strengthening the walls of the veins, lymphatic and venous capillaries, these drugs prevent the stagnation of lymph and the appearance of peripheral edema.

When cleaning the lymph can be used vitamin therapy. Vitamins C, E, Group B improve metabolic processes in the body, significantly increasing the effectiveness of therapeutic procedures.

Preparations for cleansing the lymphPharmacological effectsWhat symptoms are recommended for useContraindications
Liquorice rootImprovement of blood microcirculation, lymph outflow, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, laxative, enveloping effect.Edema, frequent inflammatory processes, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.Hypertension, pregnancy, lactation, liver cirrhosis, acute heart disease.
Enterosgel, activated carbonAbsorbent and detoxifying effect.Flatulence, bloating, gastrointestinal disorders, intoxication.Individual intolerance (rarely observed).
Magnesia sulfate (powder)Laxative and choleretic effects, antitoxic action (antidote of heavy metal salts).Edema, constipation, spasticity, weakening of intestinal peristalsis.Individual intolerance.
Phlebotonics (detralex, troksevazin, venosmil, venoruton, etc.)Venoprotective, venotonic, anti-edema effects.Peripheral circulatory disorders, lymph outflow, peripheral edema of the extremities.Pregnancy, lactation, individual intolerance.
Vitamins (C, E, B12, folic acid and others)Improvement of metabolic processes in the body, tissue metabolism, enhancing the effect of other drugs.Can be used with other drugs and medical procedures.Very rarely - an allergic reaction.

Exercise and massage to clean the lymph

Improve lymph flow contribute to swimming and jogging. Who prefers to do physical exercises at home, too, there are effective techniques.

Gymnastics for capillaries according to the Nishi method stimulates lymph circulation well: lying on your back, raise your arms and legs perpendicular to the floor and shake them for a few minutes. These exercises improve the flow of lymph, strengthen the capillaries and stimulate blood circulation.

Another complex that has a beneficial effect on lymphocirculation: lying on your back and raising your limbs perpendicular to the floor, periodically strain and relax muscles for 3-5 minutes. Another exercise is “bike”.

Lymphatic drainage massage can be carried out in parallel with physical exercises. It is based on several principles:

  • Massaged from the periphery to the center (from the fingers and toes - to the thighs, shoulders, etc.).
  • Massage movements should be made with some effort, as if “squeezing out” the edema (too much effort can have a negative effect).
  • You can not massage the location of the lymph nodes.
  • Massaging limbs, it is necessary to raise them a little.
  • Preheating of the muscles is not required.

How to clean the lymph in beauty salons and in medicine

Home cleaning of the lymph takes less time and money than visiting specialized health and beauty centers. For greater efficiency, home methods can be combined with procedures in the salon or in a medical facility.

The range of professional services is different and may include the following procedures:

  • Lymphatic drainage massage.
  • Anticellulite massage.
  • Apparatus massage that has a profound effect on the flow of lymph, blood and metabolic processes in tissues.
  • Intestinal lavage - hydrocolonotherapy - cleansing the body of toxins, helps unload the lymphatic system.
  • Treatment with leeches (hirudotherapy).

The combination of home methods with a visit to a competent specialist in the field of beauty and health will help to ensure a positive result even in advanced cases.

Special diet and nutrition

Proper nutrition contributes to a mild cleansing of the lymphatic system. It is recommended to adhere to the diet for several days after any cleaning procedures. This helps to fix the result, and make the effect lasting.

Recommended products:

  • Fresh berries and fruits (avocados, cranberries, citrus).
  • Vegetables (beets, carrots, leafy greens).
  • Seaweed.
  • Flax seeds, linseed oil.
  • Walnuts and almonds.

Every day you need to drink 5-6 glasses of pure water, use herbal teas. Avoid fast food, smoked products, pickles, sweet, fatty, flour foods, carbonated drinks.

Useful tips

The state of the lymphatic system is a reflection of health. To support it, it is necessary to normalize the mode of life, labor, recreation and nutrition. Active life position, playing sports, frequent outdoor activities, eating natural food, giving up bad habits - all this contributes to good mood, vigor and disability.

There are many methods of cleaning the lymphatic system and recommendations for its improvement. Which way to choose depends on many factors: the nature of the disorder, the causes, the prevailing symptoms, the presence of negative life factors, comorbidities, eating habits, etc.

If it is difficult to make a choice, it is better to consult a doctor, to study the reviews of other people. It is important to remember that it is easier to prevent than to treat.

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