How to clean flounder before cooking

Flounder is considered a delicacy. It has a sweet and delicate flavor, is rich in vitamins and proteins, fatty acids, while it is an easily digestible, dietary and non-nutritive product.

Step-by-step cleaning plan for fresh-frozen flounder

Fish purchased, you can start cleaning. Adhering to the plan, the meat will not disintegrate, the pieces will be smooth, and the household will not find a sharp bone.


Further cleaning starts with proper defrosting. The carcass should take on the form in which you can remove bones.

  1. Place the flounder on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. Do not defrost with hot water.
  2. When the chunks of ice fall off, transfer them to the salted cool water.
  3. Wash off salt, dirt.

Scale and skin removal

Scales cleaned up to soft skin, which can be eaten. In the case of scales, the skin will have to be removed. The scales are removed manually or using a special device for cleaning.

It should be cleaned in a plastic bag (in this case, the scales will not scatter). Peel clean hands. Begin to clean the dark side.

TIP! It is easier to remove the skin and scales, if you keep the flounder head to yourself, holding the tail.

Cutting and gutting

Already carved carcasses are served in supermarkets, but if the bones are not removed, it is easy to do it yourself at home.

  1. A sharp knife cut off the tail and fins.
  2. Making an incision near the head, it is removed along with the entrails. It is important not to damage the gallbladder, because
  3. if it bursts, the dish may have an unpleasant taste.
  4. If the insides could not be removed, you can clear them, starting from the top.

Fillet cutting

Cutting flounder into fillets is not an easy task. The pieces are more tender if they are large in size. A skinless fish is cut with a long and thin knife.

Follow this plan when filleting:

  1. Run a longitudinal incision along the ridge from the tail to the head.
  2. Make cuts by moving the bones.
  3. Insert the tip of the knife into the cut and separate the flesh, sliding along the bones.
  4. Repeat on the other side.

Features cleaning fresh flounder

The process of cleaning fresh flounder is a little different from cleaning frozen. First you need to wash the fish and dry. You can use a paper towel for drying or leave to dry in the open air. Next, you need to cut off the fins, head and skin. Scale with fresh fish can not be removed. After cleaning, rinse with running water for 2 minutes, leave for 10-15 minutes in lightly salted water or milk.

How to prepare flounder for frying, cooking and baking

When cooking flounder for roasting, cleaning the head is optional. When frying and boiling do it. To make the meat more tender, you can put it in milk. In order not to soften - in salted water for 10-15 minutes. Salt is necessary before the process of roasting. You can rub with spices to add flavor.

Useful tips

There are some tips that will facilitate cleaning before cooking:

  • Choose fresh flounder - it is better to clean.
  • Hard scales are better removed if you first soak the carcass.
  • You can use a hard sponge for skin treatment.
  • To make the dish tender and tasty, the carcass can be soaked in milk for 30 minutes.

Cleaning the flounder and preparing the dish will be easy if you follow the plan. With your own hands, the processed fish will be tastier, because you are doing it for yourself and you will be sure that there are no bones left. Such a healthy, tasty and rich in vitamins product should be on the table. Be sure to spend 15-20 minutes cleaning for good reason.

Watch the video: How to clean a flounder (October 2019).

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