How to diversify gray days and lift your spirits

Constant stress, both at home and at work, old grievances and disappointments in relationships deprive a person of all the bright colors of life. And the cold, gray and damp outside the window only add despondency. According to the World Health Organization, more than 35% of Russians are in a constant depressive state, and, unfortunately, this figure is only increasing every year.

Top tips to cheer yourself up

According to a survey conducted by British students among young people from 17 to 32 years old, the leading positions in the struggle for a good mood are: personal success and getting money.

The event was attended by over 120,000 young people and this is what happened:

EventNumber of people who votedPercentage of
Favorite band concert13 45210,87 %
Eating sweets5 6044,53 %
A party15 57812,59 %
Receiving the money20 00916,18 %
Watching a good movie8 7567,08 %
Receiving a gift13 08710,58 %
Personal success21 54317,46 %
Date16 41313,27 %
Learning success9 2017,44 %

Based on the data obtained, we can conclude that the best ways to raise vitality in the home are:

  • Self-realization. Everyone is unique, everyone has talents that remain banned due to constant fuss. Set aside everything for later: take out watercolor and paper - draw a picture, build a model of a dream house, write a poem, cook some unusual dish.
  • Hobby. Undoubtedly will bring pleasure, and you will feel relief.
  • Stroll. Answer yourself the question: when was the last time you were in nature? And can you afford to slowly walk along familiar streets or take a walk in the park? You should not look for excuses, referring to the constant employment and bad weather outside the window. Shut down the computer, unplug the phone and go outside. A few hours of peace and tranquility will help to put thoughts in order, fill the body with vital energy.
  • Favorite movie. Go to the cinema for the premiere of a new comedy. Do not forget to capture a couple of fun buddies. Joint viewing will not only lift your spirits, but will also become an occasion for further discussion of the film in a cozy cafe.
  • Dance. Favorite music in combination with crazy dance will help to throw out negative energy. Lack of voice or dance skills is not a reason for failure. Just try it - you will love it!
  • Meditation. The technique of meditation is quite simple: no outsiders, a relaxed state and the desire to get rid of all thoughts from the head - these are the main components for a successful dive session into yourself.
  • Beauty salon or spa. Surprisingly, this method has an effective effect not only on the fairer sex. Some men also do not mind relaxing in the Turkish sauna or on stone therapy. Here the main rule is a good master whom you can fully trust.
  • Communication with animals. It has long been known that pets, like no other, help relieve tension and improve mood. Go for a walk with the dog, play frisbee. Pet the cat, talk to the parrot. If you do not have pets, you can go with children to the dolphinarium, contact zoo. So you not only distract from obsessive thoughts, but also present a holiday to a child.
  • Noble act. Visit an animal shelter or an orphanage. All problems will instantly cease to seem intractable. With each cell of the body, you can feel the pain of abandoned pets or children left without parental caresses and care. After visiting such institutions there is an instant revaluation of values.
  • Sleep. Yes, you did not think! This is a great antidepressant. Even one hour of deep sleep will help you feel renewed, feel a surge of new vitality.
IT IS INTERESTING! Paraguay is the country of the most positive people. More than 84% of the inhabitants of this country are satisfied with their lives, constantly smiling and optimistic about the future.

The fastest way to cheer up

It is not always possible to devote yourself a few hours of precious time. What to do in such a situation, how quickly and for a long time to cheer yourself up?

Here are some quick, but effective ways. Choose one of them and start implementation immediately!

  • Call the person who listens. The support of loved ones is priceless. Try to surround yourself with only true, reliable friends and your mood will always be on a positive wave.
  • Physical activity. Change the type of activity, to disperse the blood through the vessels helps to distract from the current tasks and "clear" the head. Even after a five-minute warm-up, fresh ideas will come to mind, and you can look at the problem from a different angle, make a decision.
  • Break for lunch. Sometimes it is worth pampering yourself with something delicious. This is a great mood enhancer. The main thing - to comply with the measure and not to get involved in eating sweets. This applies to women who love to “jam” stress, which adds another problem - obesity.
  • Favorite song. One click of a button can dissolve the mind in a stream of music, leaving any problems behind.
  • Dreams. Move your thoughts for a few minutes to where it’s good, where you are appreciated and waiting. This may be your favorite place to relax or weekly gatherings with your family.
  • Mirror smile. Such an idea may seem strange, but believe me - literally a couple of minutes of sincere smile and you will not be able to hold back the laughter.
  • Plan to solve the problem. To live in constant negativity and to fall on loved ones is not the best option. Take a pen and clean paper, start by points to paint all possible solutions.

Councils of psychologists and doctors

In no case do not fall for the tricks of a bad mood - this is the main and main recommendation that all doctors give. Most people, as soon as they become discouraged, immediately give up and swim with the flow. So in no case be impossible!

At the first symptoms of worsening mood, immediately take the necessary measures. Based on your temperament, lifestyle and interests, choose the most appropriate optimization option. Experts identify the following groups of methods:


  • Love life, because it is beautiful!

  • Sports.

  • Sit down with friends.

  • Visiting museums, exhibitions.

  • Shopping

  • Personal care.

  • Visualization

  • Relaxation.

  • Meditation.

  • Reading of books.
  • Physical activity. Psychologists advise energetic natures to move more. It can be jogging, cycling, swimming pool.
  • Cleaning the house. An excellent method to "kill two birds with one stone". Experts believe that at the subconscious level a person is affected by disorder. Bardak in things interferes with an end to the confusion in his head. As the apartment is filled with cleanliness and comfort, the mood will start to rise. Therefore, take a rag and resolutely proceed to clearing the home.
  • Notebook of success. Record ten daily tasks that are completed today. An excellent method to increase self-esteem and gain self-confidence. The lack of good mood of many is connected with the fact that they do nothing: only the routine is “work-home”. Completing the diary, you will not be able to be lazy and postpone matters until later.
  • Words of gratitude. Thank yourself for what you have done for this day, friends for any, even the most insignificant, help, life for what it is, parents for raising and giving education.
  • No negative information. Stop watching TV, read the yellow press and listen to gossip envious.
  • Active lifestyle. Regular exercise stimulates the production of happiness hormones, which elevate mood and energize for a long time.
IT IS INTERESTING! Experts at the University of Manchester say: about 45% of a person’s life is spent on negative emotions, 35% is devoted to neutral preferences, and only 20% are sincerely happy.

Calm introverts experts recommend:

  • Often indulge in dreams. The cozy atmosphere in the walls of your home will help you relax and feel calm. To do this, arrange and light the candles, add a couple of drops of aroma oil, turn on soft, pleasant music, sit comfortably on your favorite couch and just dream.
  • Take a warm bath. All the above technique can be applied here. Sea salt, essential oils will fill the air with the scent of peace and complete relaxation.
  • Read books. Choosing a work, carefully read the author and choose someone who was able to achieve something in life. Only in this case, the mind will get the really necessary information that will help to cope with depression and fatigue.

In addition, absolutely every person doctors recommend not to forget to strengthen the immune system, eat right and regularly take a complex of vitamins.

Should I take antidepressants?

Use of drugs is allowed only when all of the above methods do not work. In this case, there is a possibility that a bad mood has become depressed. The choice of drugs should be made only on the recommendation of a doctor, after a correct diagnosis.

To date, three types of antidepressants have been registered:

  • Sedative action (calm, relieve anxiety).
  • Balanced impact (wagons).
  • With an activating effect (effective in combating apathy and lethargy).

Most of them start to act almost instantly. However, it is worth considering the side effects of each individual remedy:

  • Insomnia.
  • Headaches.
  • Allergy.
  • Hallucinations
  • Disruption of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Renal failure.

Before self-treatment, make an appointment with a doctor. Perhaps a competent specialist will help to look at the problem from a different angle, will push for the correct solution.

There are no hopeless situations in life, popular wisdom says. Whatever happens, you should not give up and be disappointed in people. It depends only on us: go with the flow or fight to the end. Try to close access to negative emotions, fill with paints gray, dull days. Surround yourself with only positive, reliable people who strive for success. They will give support at the right moment and help together to come to the cherished goal.

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