Scenarios for the New Year 2019 - Year of the Yellow Earth Pig

Everyone wants to celebrate the New Year 2019 fun, and for this you need to invite a lot of guests and gather a large company from an elegant Christmas tree. The more friends, colleagues or relatives gather around the table, the brighter will be New Year's Eve. The scenario for the New Year for adults will help raise the mood and create a relaxed atmosphere.

New Year's Eve

On this day, be sure to decide what you want from the upcoming year. Sit, think, perhaps, make some sketches on paper.

On the eve of the New Year, many attract good luck and money to life. To do this, buy a regular broom, wrap the handle with a red thread and put it in a corner. But before you do this, you need to pay off all debts.

Pay attention to the weather. If it snows, it means waiting for a rich harvest. A monetary profit is waiting for those who in the night from 31 to 1 will see stars in the sky.

What not to do

Interesting omens and superstitions are always associated with the holiday.

  • Do not direct cleaning. If you do not have time to get out and pulled up to the last day, it is better to postpone the lesson until after the holidays.
  • You can not borrow money.
  • Do not buy unnecessary stuff (gifts do not include here).
  • You can not take out the garbage in the New Year's Eve. They say that together with the bucket you take out happiness and well-being from home.

The scenario of the New Year - a step by step plan for December 31

The most long-awaited and beloved day. It is usually customary to celebrate the holiday with the family next to close people. And in order for the New Year of the Pig to be remembered for a long time, you need to create a New Year and a bright atmosphere. Coming up with the script takes a lot of time, so you need to do it a few days before the holiday. Turn on the fantasy or use the Internet.

The main thing is to prepare in advance prizes, costumes (if needed). Or maybe your holiday will be held in a special theme. Then each guest will be able to come up with an image himself.

  • You can start the holiday with congratulations or jokes.
  • Next are the farewell of the old year. Toasts sound, everyone remembers all the good things that happened last year. You can start by seniority or in a circle.
  • The holiday itself must begin with a light warm-up. Riddles are relevant here. Who will respond quickly and correctly, receives a prize. Prizes should be small (key rings, cards, etc.). You can buy something with humor.
  • Meet the New Year. Congratulations, toasts are heard. Under the chiming clock make a wish.
  • The next step is the giving of gifts. The most anticipated moment of the evening.
  • Then you can hold contests. For example: a man and a woman hug each other's belt with one hand, the other remains free. And the host offers a knife and fork to eat something from the table. One man holds a knife in his hand, another fork. Also, one player can only drink and another snack.
  • In conclusion, arrange a short walk. Do not be limited to just sitting down at the table. Go outside, breathe in the fresh air, fire salutes, light the sparklers.

How your new year goes will depend on how you prepare for it. Show desire and fantasy. The main thing is for everyone to have fun on this wonderful day.

Cool game for the New Year

Invite guests to play the New Years Breed Dog Game. This is a small thematic scene-riddle. According to the scenario, participants must guess which existing breed of dog is behind the New Year name. Let them make assumptions about what the dog looks like and for what purpose this breed was bred. At the end give the option provided by the scenario.

  1. Russian moonshine (Russian hound). She is able to smell a young pervach from a distance. An indispensable companion for hunting and fishing.
  2. Bukhaund (bloodhound). The whole muzzle is in the folds, the eyes are red, and under the eyes are large bags.
  3. Pocheshire Terrier (Yorkshire Terrier). Scratching somewhere - you won't catch it.
  4. Estonian Hound (existing breed). Bred for pens caterpillars, turtles, snails. Implicitly executes commands in 15-20 minutes after submission.
  5. Portweiner (rottweiler). Respects the host. On the collar 3 sevens.
  6. Thick Greyhound (Great Hound). It moves quickly over short distances (up to 100 cm). He likes to lie on the couch and sharpen cookies.
  7. Firespointer (pointer). Irrigates the neighborhood with a powerful jet.
  8. Gadget (basset). Fashion girl, tinted color, self-tapping paw. The collar is encrusted with Swarovski crystals.
  9. English Haududog (English Bulldog). Extremely polite. Every day at 5 o'clock requires tea with biscuits.
  10. Story Terrier (toy terrier). Builds all the big dogs in the area. Build yourself a booth can, but does not want.

Scenario "Modern New Year"

You can add cool contests and riddles to the scenario for the New Year 2019 for adults. Especially in companies like contests for men. It requires a little preparation, but it can be done quickly and almost for free.

  1. Competition "The most economic." Men who participate in the competition, you need to quickly build a separate dish of the products presented on the table. It can be a sandwich, salad or dessert. The most appetizing-looking dish wins.
  2. Competition "Gourmet." According to the scenario, you need to put in a row 5 saucers with different jam. It is good if unusual jams (from rose petals, watermelon peels, etc.) are presented in the row. Each participant is given a sheet and pen. They should taste the jam and write what it is made of. The winner is the one who guesses the maximum number of options.
  3. Competition "Expert". It is necessary to guess which New Year signs are observed by famous people. For example, Lyubov Orlova and Grigory Alexandrov thought: if you want to travel a lot in the New Year, you need ... (answer: take a walk on the street on New Year's Eve).
  4. Competition "Strongman". According to the scenario, you need to prepare a wooden plank, nails and a hammer. The winner is one of the participants, who with one blow will drive a nail into the board as deep as possible.

Scenario New Year's corporate party

Option number 1

Before the party, do some important things:

  • Buy prizes (how many guests - so many prizes).
  • Prepare lottery tickets. On each ticket write the appropriate number (ticket number 0001, etc.).
  • Build a piggy bank. Perfect for any small bank.
  • Warn guests to be with little things. What is it for? Upon entering the party, each guest throws a coin into the piggy bank and receives a lottery ticket for it. And at the very end of the holiday someone will receive this piggy bank.
  • And do not forget to come up with interesting contests.

The holiday begins with the entry. The facilitator is given the floor. While the toast is said, guests fill their glasses and drink to the bottom. Further, a long and ardent speech is delivered from the presenter. Here you can show imagination and wholeheartedly congratulate your colleagues on the coming year of the Boar. It is not necessary to memorize poems.

If there are extra lottery tickets left, you can sell them. The money received is stored in the piggy bank. Also the presenter should come up with fines. If someone tells each other, does not participate in competitions, pays a fine (the amount can be any).

Then lottery tickets are drawn. The presenter calls a certain number of numbers. For example: ticket number 0010, 0005 and 0021. And, let's say, ticket number 0005 is the judge of tonight, and number 0010 must make a toast and get a prize for it.

Further there are various contests, dances and just a short break.

Competition "Loves, does not love."The facilitator invites guests to name just two fragments of the body of their neighbor on the left. One loves one part, one is not. Example: "In my neighbor on the left, I like my nose, and I don’t like my knees." And then the presenter suggests that they do not like to bite, and what they like to kiss.

And again the presenter announces a lottery draw. This time he pulls out one ticket and orders this person to perform some kind of action. At the end of the guest receives a prize. During breaks, you can conduct small quizzes and riddles so that guests do not have time to get bored.

Competition "Brave girls". For the competition will need two girls. They make a number from 1 to 10 and then say it out loud. What are the numbers the girls made, such a quantity of clothes and removed from themselves. Also, you can shoot not only things, but also various decorations. As an option - ask for the help of his gentleman and undress him.

And at the very end of the holiday will be played a piggy bank. What is the essence of the game? The leader offers on the New Year to get rid of all debts. To do this, everyone must throw in a piggy bank a couple of coins, who wants so much. Then the presenter says that the person who guesses how much money is in the bank will receive the entire piggy bank. Who will be closest to the amount and won.

Option number 2

Cheer those present during the corporate party will help cool script with music. To do this, prepare in advance a selection of songs, each of which lasts 15-20 seconds. The presenter gathers guests on the dance floor and announces that they all embark on a world tour. Then it includes scripted songs.

  1. We start with the Far North. The song "I'll take you to the tundra." We ride on deer, we show horns.
  2. The first stop in the gypsy camp, the song "Gypsy". The most active dancer is displayed in the center of the circle.
  3. We sit on the black horses and go on. "My thoughts, my horses".
  4. We drove for a long time, the horses were tired, we transplanted to the car. "Black BMW".
  5. We reached the sea, now we are sailing on the waves. "You're a sailor, I'm a sailor."
  6. We continue to sail. "The sea, the sea - a bottomless world."
  7. We moor to the shore and transfer to the plane. "A stewardess named Jeanne."
  8. Congratulations to the guests with a safe landing in the most beautiful city (we call our city). The song "Dance, Russia".

The most active guests are encouraged with small funny gifts. It can be Santa Claus hat, Christmas tinsel, firecracker - everything he can use right there on the dance floor.

Slow composition will complete the music script. Dim the light and leave only the lights of the garlands on the Christmas tree glowing.

Original toasts

For the New Year's 2019 scenario, toasts related to friendship and loyalty will do. For example, you can tell a parable about the traveler and the dog.

“A traveler walked through a hot, dried desert, and his dog went with him. They ran out of water and food, and both were weary from hunger and thirst. Suddenly they saw a walled city ahead. A gatekeeper stood at the gate.

“Come in,” he suggested to the traveler, “here is Paradise.”
“Is there water there?” - Asked exhausted traveler.
- Both water and food. All you want is the answer. Just keep in mind your dog can not be here.
“Then I will pass by,” answered the traveler.

Out of his last strength, the traveler and the dog wandered on and soon came to another city. The gates in front of them swung open, but the traveler was in no hurry to enter.

- What is here? - he asked.
“This is Paradise,” was the answer. - There is enough space, water and food for you and your dog.
- But in a nearby city, said that Paradise is there?
- There was Hell. Those who leave their friends go there. "

Useful tips

Some interesting tips.

  • To spruce looked even more elegant, hang a garland closer to the trunk.
  • To keep the champagne sparkling, add raisins there.
  • During the meal, do not forget to drink tablets for the digestion of food.
  • Plan everything in advance.
  • Meet the New Year where you want it most. Do not force yourself somewhere to lead.
  • To cheer up - make a useful purchase.
  • Be sure to drink in moderation in the morning not to meet the hangover.
  • If the holiday did not go as planned, you can not be sad. There is still Christmas, Epiphany and the old New Year.

To make the holiday a success and remain in memory for many years, it is necessary to meet and celebrate it with a cheerful mood. Be sure to gather in a circle of friends and relatives. Best if it is a homely, cozy atmosphere. Do not forget to come up with contests, quizzes and riddles.

The funnier the tasks are, the more interesting the holiday will be. Share with your guests the good and pleasant moments that happened last year. And at the end of the evening, arrange a walk, remember children's fun, ride a sled down the hill or make a snowman.

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