Biorevitalization is a modern elixir of youth

At a young age, when there are no special problems with the skin, you can use a nourishing and moisturizing cream for facial care, but with the appearance of wrinkles and loss of elasticity, you cannot do without technologically advanced techniques. And here the main role is played by hyaluronic acid (abbreviated as GK).

What is biorevitalization

Biorevitalization is the saturation of the deeper layers of the skin with low molecular weight hyaluronic acid capable of attracting and retaining moisture. There are two methods for performing the procedure - injection and hardware (laser + special gel).

Principle of operation

Hyaluronic acid biorevitalization is the most effective non-invasive rejuvenation technique. This component of the extracellular substance is a natural participant in all the processes occurring in our skin, it is responsible for the regeneration and formation of collagen (a protein that provides cell elasticity).

The mechanism of action of concentrates with HA is such that, unlike other drugs, they do not affect the muscles, but penetrate into the deep layers of the epidermis and affect the skin from the inside. As a result, aging is slowed down, complexion improves, wrinkles are smoothed.

Sometimes biorevitalization is confused with contour plastics, as in both of these methods GC injections are used. It should be clarified: biorevitalization is performed using unstabilized acid, which is absorbed quickly, so the procedure is repeated after two weeks. And when contouring plastic used stabilized form, which is absorbed slowly and provides the effect of rejuvenation for a long time.

Where and how to enter

The technique is applied on any skin areas that need rejuvenation. The drug with HA is delivered to the surface layer through an injection or laser. The course consists of 3 or 4 injections with a break of two weeks.

The classical scheme of carrying out: the cosmetologist treats the skin with an anesthetic drug, then with a special syringe with a thin needle enters along the perimeter of the face the minimum doses of the drug. The skin is practically not damaged, the injections are intracutaneous and not very deep. The number of influences and their frequency will be prescribed by a cosmetologist, considering the state of the body.

REMEMBER! A single injection of the drug will not give the desired effect. To wrinkles smoothed, and the skin became elastic, you need to complete a full course.

The second option: rejuvenation concentrate low molecular weight acid with a laser. The advantage of the laser technique is the absence of painful pricks and their consequences. Before the session, the skin is cleaned, then a special gel containing acid is applied, and then treated with a laser. After the procedure, a moisturizing mask is applied.

To whom the procedure is recommended

With age, skin loses collagen and quickly fades. This leads to a reduction in the production of GC. Therefore, biorevitalization is especially recommended for women over 35 years old, when the usual cream no longer helps, and there is no indication for surgery yet.

During the difficult period for aging skin, the procedure successfully fights wrinkles, loss of elasticity and sagging of the facial contour, slows down skin aging, restores elasticity and radiant color, smoothes scars, removes stretch marks and pigment spots.

The introduction of acid does not hurt young girls who need to quickly bring dehydrated skin into a "feeling" after a long stay in the sun, strict diets, stress, strong personal experiences, work at work and lack of sleep.

Low molecular weight HA can neutralize the harmful effects of sunburn, so it can be recommended to lovers of tanning beds. The course of injections activates the regeneration of the epidermis, increases elasticity, eliminates dryness and pronounced vascular pattern.

Possible complications: painful injections, after which papules (hematomas) are formed. They dissolve slowly and disappear only after a few days. Sometimes there are bruises that have to be masked for ten days.

Types of biorevitalization courses

The procedure has two forms, which are described in detail in the table below.

Type of courseHow does it workWhat's the result
Preventive (two sessions with a break of 3-4 weeks).In the deep layers of the skin, the balance of hyaluronic acid is restored, and active moisturizing occurs.Having received the missing moisture, the cells begin to actively produce HA. Due to this, the skin is moistened and restored.
Medical (three sessions with a break of 3-4 weeks).By increasing the level of hyaluronic acid in the cells, natural rejuvenation occurs.The skin produces the necessary amount of its own HA. As a result, elasticity increases, wrinkles are reduced, skin color improves and aging slows down.


For injection, a specially developed concentrated preparation of hyaluronic acid with the addition of amino acids is used. This mixture gives an excellent effect, since the amino acid makes the skin cells actively work. At the same time, the cosmetologist has preparations of various concentrations. For example, a remedy is introduced around the eyes with a lighter content of active ingredients than in the region of the forehead or neckline. The task of a biological product is not to fill in wrinkles, but to improve the appearance of the skin and stimulate the production of its own anti-aging substances. Therefore, the impact gives an instant effect: the relief is flattened, fine wrinkles are smoothed, and deep ones become less noticeable.

What is important to know before the procedure

Biorevitalization refers to safe methods of rejuvenation. But like any cosmetic procedure, she has a number of contraindications.

Do not carry out the procedure:

  • If the customer is unwell and takes antibiotics.
  • Pregnant and lactating.
  • On inflamed skin.
  • During menstruation.
  • If you are allergic to chicken protein.
  • If there are severe chronic and autoimmune diseases.
  • People with neuromuscular disabilities.
IMPORTANT! Use the services of a certified cosmetologist, do not perform biorevitalization at home, require a certificate for the drug, which indicates the expiration date and date of issue.

Recommendations after the procedure

After the course of exposure for the first two days, you should not touch your face with your hands, use decorative cosmetics. It is allowed to apply only preparations prescribed by a cosmetologist, and for healing hematomas use a cream with arnica. In addition, it is necessary to eat and abstain for seven days from playing sports, visiting a bath or sauna. It is not recommended to smoke, sunbathe in the solarium and in the open sun.

The basis of biorevitalization is the delivery of hyaluronic acid to problem areas. Interacting with cells, the acid regenerates tissues, eliminates signs of aging, pigment spots and couperosis. Improves the skin externally, slow down the process of wilting, restores. Intracutaneous administration of HA will help to keep water in the deep layers of the epidermis and dermis. It is this "breath of moisture" will compensate for age-related changes in the skin.

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